Monday, June 12, 2017

June 7, 2017 ~ Transfer 7 Week 6/Transfers

Hi everyone!

This week has been pretty busy with my companion preparing to go home. And two days ago (Saturday) we found out about transfers (where and if we will be moving to a different area in Spain). Our district (the 8 total missionaries in this area of Madrid and Cuenca) got changed around a ton. Every companionship had a change. I found out I'm staying in Barrio 6. My companion goes home this week and my new companion is named Elder Irene from Wyoming. I'm excited to continue working hard this new transfer =)

So this week in the work was pretty normal. But one notable event was that we went to lunch with an investigator of the other Elders and with that investigator's mom. She's super thankful for what we are doing and really likes the values that we have. She cares a ton for her son and only wants the best for him. It's super cool to see that (even when he thinks she's a little too dramatic, haha). We ate Chinese food with them (it's been a while since I have had Chinese food, it was super good).

And finally our ward mission leader is back from vacations (he's the one who coordinates with the church congregation leaders about our efforts). It was difficult when he was gone because no one else was able to fill his spot, there was a leadership change and the person who was asked to fill the role no longer could. But I'm glad he's back. And he brought us all ties from Perú!

Some notable food items this week =)
-We ate cheese filled Bratwursts from the store - I have not had those in over a year
-my companion taught we how to make morir soñando (a sweet Dominican drink with ice, milk, lemon juice and lots of sugar), super good and great for summer
-and eith Raúl the ward mission leader we had chicha morada and ate arroz chofa y papa a la huancaina

The weather here is getting terribly hot. We had to buy some new fans this week. It's getting to the 100's and it doesn't cool down much at night (around mid 70s and 80s, but the heat stays trapped in the apartment). Right now it is a constant fight to stay cool. And it's only supposed to get worse haha. This is just the beginning. And the worst part is that when it's cooler and if we open the windows, bugs and mosquitoes get in (they don't have screens here). 
It's a struggle.

Have a wonderful week!

Elder Openshaw

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