Monday, June 12, 2017

March 27, 2017 ~ Transfer 6 Week 1

Hi all!

This week a lot happened. Food-wise a lot happened too haha. 
I made chicha morada fresh (not from the packet) and it was good but I didn't realize how long it takes. It's takes a while. I might stick with the packets. 

Then we also ate ahí de gallo and cosido madrileño (garbanzo beans, roast beef, chicken and chorizo). Today we also went to a store called "Dealz" that says American and English (Brittish) food and stuff. I have plenty of American food now to last me the next month =)

Elder Weiss went home after serving for two years and now I'm with Elder Wither. The weather is crazy right now. Monday we played soccer in short sleeves and I got sunburned. Then by Thursday it was snowing the biggest snowflakes I've ever seen! 

In the work this week: We found a new person from Peru that we are teaching and it was a miracle how we found her. We had a lesson with one of the recent converts here and she ended up telling us last minute that she couldn't meet but she gave us the Peruvian's number. We called a an hour later we met with Andrea. We also have another friend who is planning on being baptized on the April 15.

Something that I really love is being able to pray and receive answers. Its amazing how personal our Heavenly Father answers us. Often it doesn't come in the way that we expect but it comes in the way that will help us grow the most. I have seen His hand so much in the work here. This coming weekend we have the opportunity to receive more inspiration and answers to prayers or concerns we have. 

This next weekend is General Conference where we get to receive counsel from a latter day prophet. I love watching conference because I also receive answers to questions I didn't even know I had, answers to questions that I couldn't put to words. If you want to watch or listen you are invited to do so on I believe the first session starts on Saturday and Sunday at 10am MDT (here in Spain the broadcast is a lot later in the afternoon, like 6pm). 

I know there is a prophet in today's day because Heavenly Father is the same yesterday, today and forever. He has not left us alone to struggle in this world. Revelation and inspiration from heaven has not stopped.

I challenge you to think of some questions that you have about life and watch general conference, prayerful looking for your answers. I promise you that you will find answers.

Have a great week! Love you all!

Elder Openshaw

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