Monday, June 12, 2017

April 26, 2017 ~ Transfer 6 Week 5/6

Well this week was a busy one =)

On the investigator side of things, we have been trying really hard to find new people to teach. We had a ton of failed lessons but we met with the regulars like our investigator that reminds me of a Kong Fu master. We also had intercambios (exchanges) in Cuenca this week with the companionship there. Cuenca is quite far to the east over by Valencia. It is a city that is super old and is super cool. I tried to take pictures of the view from the bus but the camera didn't do any justice. We also played basketball to help fellowship some people and did a little lesson after about Easter.

Food moments: we had some gelato (I had dulce de Leche and Ferrero Rocher, that really expensive truffle brand -flavor). It was pretty good. I was definitely disappointed on the size (everything here is smaller). And you probably don't know this about Europe but NOBODY walks around eating food. You have to sit down to eat. So as you can imagine we got some pretty weird looks walking around with ice cream in our hands. This week we also made brownies and we didn't have chocolate chips so we put in a Galaxy bar (super good English chocolate bar). Totally worth it. We also had Honduran tamales, pizza (homemade from a member in Cuenca - a perfect day to do intercambios), and frozen lemonade from someone in our ward.

Having done two District Meetings this past week and a half I've learned quite a bit. I've learned a lot of what not to do when leading them and a lot of ways to improve haha =) but it's good to notice those things and note the changes that I'm able to make. We talked about working better with members to share the gospel with their friends and yesterday we talked about using the Book of Mormon more in lessons, conversations, and in answering people's questions.

Funny moments: 
This week I also got to translate again for a French person. I was translating in the last hour for elders quorum and it was very funny translating. It was a lesson on the Word of Wisdom but the teacher didn't prepare at all and the comment from the class were very very off topic. Sometimes i had to fill in with my own thoughts because what of being said was so far off topic.

Another funny moment, we were having an activity with the ward here and two member came up to us during the lesson part (this is the weekly activity that they do where we usually play volleyball after). They told us someone outside had some questions about the church. And so we went out to check out what was going on. We were led to a man who just wanted to ask about why he couldn't go in the temple (which happens a lot). So we set up a time to meet (which unfortunately he didn't show up). It was a funny experience.

Another, there were ducks swimming in the water fountains on the temple grounds haha ÷) I got a video.

Also, there was a party for a one year old that was the biggest one year old party I have ever seen. Tons of candy, food (like actual food) and a clown haha.

On the Spiritual Side:
I learned a lot from the scriptures this week but I can't find just one part to share. I learned even more that the experiences in the scriptures apply to us in the situations that we have. I was reading in Mosiah 26 and Alma was presented with a problem he had never dealt with before. His soul was troubled and he feared making a poor choice in the sight of the Lord. So he prayed with all his effort and after was when he received the guidance he needed.

Mosiah 26
13 And now the spirit of Alma was again troubled; and he went and inquired of the Lord what he should do concerning this matter, for he feared that he should do wrong in the sight of God.
14 And it came to pass that after he had poured out his whole soul to God, the voice of the Lord came to him,

I know that when we pray we can receive the specific inspiration and answers that we need. Heavenly Father knows everything and can help us out a ton. We just need to ask Him for the answers, help or whatever it is that we need. Sometimes all we need to do is ask for those blessings He is already willing to give us.

I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Openshaw

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