Monday, June 12, 2017

April 10, 2017 ~ Transfer 6 Week 3

This week has gone by quite slow but it was a great week =)

Tuesday was zone conference with President and Sister Pack. It was very enjoyable and I learned a ton. We talked about finding people by using our personalities more (like talking about stuff you like to talk about, sports, food etc.) and just a lot of great counsel.

We had an amazing experience this week when we got to go give a priesthood blessing to a little kid struggle with a sickness that has put him in and out of the hospital. He hasn't been able to breathe very well and has an oxygen tank when it's especially bad (my companion has been struggling with something similar but not as furious). The doctors couldn't find anything wrong. So we were asked to go give him a blessing by a member who teaches this family's kids English (the family with the sick kid aren't members). And we explained how we would do the blessing, just like it was done by Christ and His apostles by laying our hands on his head. And we also talked about priesthood authority and how the priesthood is Heavenly Father's power given to men to act in His name. And we gave the blessing. They are a super awesome family and I felt such an overwhelming peace when we gave the blessing. We haven't heard directly but what the member told us it that the kid was healed within 2 days and he's fine now. The power of the priesthood is very amazing. 

We also had a ward activity on Saturday. It was about temples and the purpose was to help the members understand that they will receive more blessings if they just go (they live super close!) and for nonmembers to understand what temples are for. It went super well. The missionaries and ward missionaries did a theatrical skit of "Lehi's dream" and I happened to be Lehi. It was a lot of fun and I got some pictures but I need to find someone who took a video of it. We talked about how holding to the iron rod helps us stay firm to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and one way to hold firm is go to the temple.

The zone leaders of B6 (my district, they live in my piso) are having a baptism this next Saturday and I got to do the baptismal interview which was quite a humbling and neat experience. My responsibility was to determine if the person is ready for baptism and she was definitely prepared.

This Sunday I got to help translate with my companion (we took turns) when a dad and son from England came for vacation. It was a great experience and I soon learned how hard it is to translate when your voice is louder than the people speaking...

Funny moments:
The zone leaders were talking me up to Day the young woman who is getting baptized this Saturday and they told her I'm super good at singing and cooking and such. She asked me to sing a solo at her baptism haha and it practice it in front of her and the other Elders to make sure I could actually sing. The other Elders got me good on that joke =)

Talking about singing we sang for the activity (as the elders quorum) "high on the mountain top" and the piano player didn't show up, so...thankfully someone saved us and knew how to play last minute! 

Also someone hid an alarm in our room during an intercambio  (exchanges) and it is set for...3:25am! Everyday for the past 2 weeks we have woken up at 3:25am and could never find it. This week we found IT! It was under a bed, in a plastic container from hummus and in a plastic sack. It was the last place we looked. We searched the closets, everywhere and there was nothing. But thankfully we found it and then we interrogated those we when on exchanges in our piso and we found the culprit =)

Have a wonderful week!

Elder Openshaw

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