Monday, June 12, 2017

May 29, 2017 ~ Transfer 7 Week 4

Hi all!

This week went by very fast. We had a zone conference (where all the missionaries in an area get together for a training, there were about 60ish of us) and interviews with our mission president. And I also got sick towards the end of the week which didn't help much.

So Monday my companion and I went to Fuenlabrada, an old area of his to say goodbye to people (he finishes his mission in 2 weeks), today we went to Legan├ęs, another one of his old areas. After P-Day was finished we went to an activity with some members in their home and we made 5 things of tortilla de patata for them and the other elders tried to make brownies (it ended up tasting like cake but it was still good). My companion and I are getting a lot better at our tortilla de patata, a very Spanish dish - he has it down and taught me, I'm the one still working on it haha.

On Tuesday was the zone conference. On Wednesday, one of my companion's old companions (who is Peruvian but lives in Sweden) got permission to take us out with his family to eat. We went to a Peruvian restaurant and we had inca cola, arroz chofa, rotisserie chicken with French fries, ceviche and papa a la huancaina. It was super good food. And this family who took us out to eat are amazing.

What happened is the restaurant hadn't opened up yet so they talked to the store owner and convinced them to set some plates out for them, and while the restaurant was preparing the return missionary contacted with us! It was awesome. And then the family very naturally invited
the store owners to meet with us. I learned so much from their family and they really helped me to recognize how blessed I am. It was a blessing to get to spend a morning with them.

Thursday was a normal day, Friday we had interviews and I got sick in the evening until Sunday. It's pretty boring when you are sick in the mission, you stay at home and sleep although you want to keep working.
(Thankfully I am feeling a lot better).

Some funny moments:
On Wednesday we had some extra elders staying in our piso and so to minimize how much food was lost (although somewhat in vain), I made French toast. And I invited everyone to have some and apparently my companion didn't hear and so he was the only one who didn't get any haha :) and then he made French toast for himself :)

Then on Friday we had interviews like I said. The thing is we thought our interviews were at 2pm and we knew there was a bus that left every two hours at 12:30pm. So we knew we had to take it at 12:30pm or we would be late. We hopped on the bus thinking that it was weird that there were not any other missionaries. And we continued to the mission home and got there okay. The funny thing is that we learned later that night that our interviews really were at 4:00pm! And that there were 6
missionaries who had missed the bus that we had made. Our mission president was not expecting us to be there so early, but in the end it all worked out.

I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Openshaw

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