Tuesday, March 21, 2017

February 13, 2017 ~ Transfer 5 Week 1

Hi all!

I got transferred to Barrio 6 (Madrid). Now I wake up and get to see the temple right outside my Piso (apartment) window everyday. It's such a beautiful building. It's such a privilege to have it so close too.

Tuesday, on our way to a lesson we ran into some members who had just arrived to Madrid only 5 days or so early. We got off the metro and the Father shouted "¡Élderes!" It startled me a bit but it was an answer to prayers for them, they had been trying to find anyone that might be able to help them and in the past week or so they hadn't seen anyone who might be able to offer them some "refuge". So we let them know they could call us if they needed more help/directions in the area. This same day we also passed by a family who the élderes had been trying to visit all last transfer and we got in the door and have started talking with them a lot more now =) We have a family home evening (like a family night) with them tonight.

Also on Tuesday, we ate with a French family who are here working. We talked in a mix of Spanish, English and French during dinner haha (my companion speaks German, a little French,  English (learned it on the mission) and Spanish. It was interesting hearing so many different languages. And here in the ward many of the members are from Peru.

It's an amazing feeling when you finding people in the streets who are excited to see you =) most people don't say hi back when you say hi to them but it's cool when people know us and say "¡Élderes!". It's a little different than Oviedo, that rarely happened there.

Funny moment: 
we were running to catch the metro. And the subway whistle sounded which means the doors are closing. And of course I ran faster. And I ran too fast, lost traction and fell flat on my face in front of everyone on the metro and the other Elders. It was pretty funny. I at least helped everyone have a better day. That was right after eating "American" food at a restaurant called Hollywood. It was the best American food I've had outside of the country but still...not up to par.

Saturday we had a family history activity. And I may or may not have gotten bored of listening to them just talk about Family history (it was one of those typical activities) that I went ahead and tried to follow a line of ancestors all the way back to Adam and Eve. I made it after I found a king on the Dalton line. So I took a screenshot of it. I was pretty psyched because I've never been able to go back further than 1500s before.

I'm really enjoying Madrid. It's super fun being back where I started.

I want you to know that I know God lives and that He loves you. He loves me. He loves each of us in our weaknesses. He wants us to improve and as long as we are trying He will be there helping us along the way. Maybe the help doesn't come immediately but it comes. I promise that God answers our prayers because He has answered mine. And many times our answers come through other people. 

Sometimes we expect our answer to be some super strong feeling or some thing that will make us know it is the answer. It usually doesn't happen that way. Usually answers come through our thoughts or feelings. Sometimes they seem like the logical choice that makes sense. I've been praying more to have my desires changed so that I can desire what the Lord wants for my life and I have noticed a difference. 

Have a great week! 
Love you all!
Elder Openshaw

Madrid, Spain Temple

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