Monday, January 16, 2017

December 5, 2016 ~ Transfer 3, Week 3

Hi all!
There was a lot that happened this week. And I'm going to try to explain it and I hope it reaches you with the same joy as I'm having here =)

This week we met with many members to share the message of the Christmas Initiative and that was great. We have received 4 references this week from members and investigators which is 4 mini miracles. In the culture here in Spain, people don't really know their neighbors or make new friends so for the past 30 years missionaries have asked the members to give references of these same friends and they don't have any new makes it complicated to talk with more people than the usually members without going out to the streets (which isn't super effective in finding but it's one of our best options at the moment). So those 4 references were miracles and I may have smiled a little too much because I realized how much of a sacrifice it was to give those names of friends or people they knew.

Some funny moments: this past Sunday was was the first Sunday of the month and is usually when we fast (from Saturday at comida (lunch) to Sunday (lunch)). (AND as a side note we don't eat dinner here)). So Saturday we had a lesson with a menos activo and she prepared us food and we were about to eat it when I remembered we were fasting! Haha
Also we had a lesson with two part member families and it was a miracle, both are more receptive. The first time we taught one of the families it was a little uncomfortable because they didn't talk at all but this coming week we'll have dinner with them!

This week on Wednesday we have a zone conference in A Coruña which is with President Pack that I'm looking forward to.

Quick spiritual thought: I've been learning a lot about the spirit and how to recognize it better this past month. If you ever are wondering whether or not you are feeling it, ask yourself if the thoughts or feelings you are having are inviting you to do good. If the thoughts or feelings are inviting you to do good it is of God, if not then it is not of God. So if it is good be assured it is of God =) I'm feeling like my thoughts are quite scattered this week, I hope you can gain something from this- have a great week!

Elder Openshaw

Another funny: we went looking to do service at a residence of elderly people and they didn't want our help because we aren't Catholic. Kind of silly =) it's been hard finding service but finally a member agreed to let us serve them and clean their house =).
It's also funny when Barcelona and Real Madrid are playing and the whole city is at the bar watching the game (these games between real and barca are called classico)

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