Monday, January 16, 2017

December 26, 2016 ~ Transfer 3 Week 6

I hope everyone had a great Merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad!

This week has been a quick week. For Christmas and for Christmas eve we had huge dinners, one included turkey (which is very rare here) and the other lacon (the shoulder of a pig) and gambas (shrimp) (I tried getting a picture of the shrimp but it didn't turn out). For dessert we had polvorines which are okay =) all it is is pig fat, flour and either chocolate powder, lemon, or olive oil. Me and my companion also had cachopo this week and a very nice restaurant because it claimed to have the best cachopo in Asturias. Cachopo is a Asturiano dish so we figured it probably is the best in the world too =) I believe them! It was amazing. Cachopo is like a thin steak with layers of meats and cheese and then fried.

Some funny moments: Today I went to Burger King and I tried to order ice cream with my meal. I figured, we'll I'll just get the ice cream now so I don't have to come back up. But they thought it was soo strange that I wanted the ice cream now and not after I ate my Burger haha. They asked me 3 times if I was sure I wanted the ice cream now and so I gave in at the end and figured I would just succumb to the very strong culture here of eating my sandwich first =)

My companion is getting transferred this week (elder Chabot) and I will get a new one tomorrow (Elder Hale). My trainer, Elder Chabot will be a zone leader in Madrid  (he will basically look out for 6-8 other companionship's of missionaries in his area called a zone).

It's been really good this week to reflect how much the work has changed here in the past 2 transfers (3 months). It's been cool to see my progress too. I know I will grow a ton in the next transfer or two now that I'm done training. 

I've really enjoyed this past month and the Christmas Initiative on it has been great to look for opportunities to serve and to help others. And now that we are looking towards the New Year and finding resolutions, I challenge you to check and the 25 days of service from the Christmas Initiative and see if you would like to consider any of those service suggestions as Resolutions. There's many amazing and simple suggestions =)

I know that Christ lives and He still guides us today. He has given us prophets (including modern day prophets) and the scriptures to help us in this life to live in such a way that we can enjoy joy, feeling His love. I know God loves you. I know it because I have felt it love myself, from searching the scriptures, finding answers there, and from the charitable actions of other people - little tender mercies. I pray that everyone is well. I love you all and hope you have a great New Year!

Your friend,
Elder Openshaw

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