Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

Hi all!

This week was transfers but I'm staying for probably another 3 months in this area. We had one Elder from the other companionship who left today to Madrid but my companion will finish another transfer  (6 weeks) here.

The work it moving along. Every week we are trying to make better goals to push us and we keep having more and more progress which is great. We have a baptismal service on Dec 3 and have one person committed to this date but not sure if we will need to push it back or not. We will see.

We had another meeting for trainers and trainees and we didn't want to go to Madrid so we Skyped in. I wrote down a question at the start of the meeting and it was cool how the meeting answered exactly that question. The spirit is quite amazing. I learned a lot from the meeting with President, his wife and the Assistants.

Clarification, I don't have a zone conference every month, it's every transfer that we switch between zone conference with President and Assistants teaching or we have a meeting with the zone leaders who teach. So it's about every 3 months. We haven't had a zone conference quite yet. Will have it near christmas.

This week was Elder Bataller's bday so we went to an Asturiano restaurant. For 9€ we had 3 courses and too much food haha. It was great. And here in Europe you don't have to pay for a tip or tax , tax is already in the price. It is so NICE! I love it =) I like knowing the price up front. We ate Fabada (the red soup with blood sausage and chorizo) which is great and cochopo (meat with beef, Jamon Serrano, and then another thing of beef with cheese too, all fried). Some of those pictures are not from this week, from my comp that I thought were cool (picture of the "lego" buildings). And Asturiano parade from months ago that my comp had a picture of. 

We had a primary program this week and the primary president made those little pictures, quite the work put in. I included a picture of the buttons for "knocking doors". If we aren't contacting in the street that is what ends up happening, pressing buttons and hoping someone answers. One of us is usually on window duty to watch them poke their heads out haha. It's kind of fun but at the same time it's not.

I've been learning a lot. Another great week. 

This week I learned I need to work on directions because I got the district leader and I lost on intercambios haha. It was not fun for me in the moment but we laughed about it =)

I have learned to study the scriptures with a purpose to share. And that when you do that God will give you the opportunity to share. I try to start each study with a question and it helps drive the purpose. Try it sometime. 

I know that if you excerise faith and believe you can answer your question and start looking for the answer, either you find it or the spirit teaches you or you find it later. Keep fighting to find the answer. I've seen answers to my prayers. I have had concerns answered and in just the way I needed them, not the way I wanted them. We can't expect answers or blessings like a text message, you send a message and it is answered briefly after. Prayer works a little differently. Sometimes you have to wait months or years for answers and sometimes it only takes a day or two (or sooner). But I know that we can recieve answers to prayer. It is such a blessing we can communicate with our loving Heavenly Father and recieve His guidance in our lives. And sometimes the answer is yes (maybe a soft gentle but present prompting of the Spirit), or maybe it is no, or maybe it is "not now". 

God knows us perfectly and has a perfect plan for us, that means His answers to pray also are perfect - they come exactly how we need them best, which can be hard to understand. It's necessary to have faith. =)
Have a great week!

Elder Openshaw

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