Monday, November 14, 2016

November 7, 2016

This week I have seen quite the miracles. Some have been big and some small.

Let's start with the less inspirational stuff =) I got a haircut this past week and am glad my companion cuts his hair the same because I don't have the Spanish to say differently =)

Halloween is a thing here...but not really. People just have parties but no candy! Haha or random joven will wear costumes and walk the streets but that is it.

We got a area book planner app to do our work now which is new this week. Keeps record of all the members and lessons, it's really cool.

Now for the Mieres (a pueblo) we had three. 

The first was that a man who we have been trying to reach forever answered his phone. 
2nd, we were looking for a house and didn't have a number for this person. But the address would show up on our map. So I reminded she explained where her house/Piso was and we headed in the direction and miraculously found the street and in the end the Piso. It was crazy how we found it. 
3rd, a man came up to us and told us he was coming to church with us and we didn't have to do anything haha =) we explained we would meet up at the bus station and show him where the chapel was. Of course the lady whose Piso we found wasn't home and the man who contacted us in the street never answered his phone but we have potential for coming weeks =)

Later in the week we had more miracles. 
We found two more people to teach as well as another family of less actives. One of the investigators also told us that he was going to get baptized without asking him (he had takes all the lesson a year before) and so we are working with him on that. But my favorite miracle was finding a man to teach who was carrying his groceries beside me. It was a stop light so I knew he couldn't run =) and I asked him if I could help and he said it wasn't heavy, but then we started talking and came to the topic of the Gospel. Long story short he is trying to find a job.

During our first lesson with him, he received 3 calls, two of which were for new work. And only moments before my companion prayed for him to find work. It was cool. And it was also a miracle we were at that same stop light. Only 30 mins before we stopped to get chuches (candy) and it put us at the same stop light on the way back home! The miracle came when I was wondering if we would find anyone to teach. I wasn't sure and I knew my faith was being tried. But we kept going and we were blessed with the miracles after the trial of our faith.

I also had a few inspirational things come this week. One was this...."train with the intention of performing". I think it applies to sports or music or the Gospel, really anything. Training or practicing with the intent (or purpose) of performing helps you to recognize the significance to practice and not just doing it becuase you have to.

Another was this... if Christ came today, would we be prepared? What would we do if He were to see us as we are, who we have become? Would we avoid Him and shy away from His gaze? Or would we embrace Him and thank Him, and listen to Him say "well done"? Something to think about. 

Are we living like we would like? If not, today is the day to change. If so, kept going and getting better. We won't be perfect and God doesn't expect perfection, He only expects us to be better than we were the day before.
Have a great week!

Elder Openshaw

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